Books on Trust

Building Trust: In Business, Politics, Relationships, and Life by Robert C. Solomon and Fernando Flores (Paperback – May 1, 2003) “The problem of trust has clearly emerged as the problem in human relationships and organizations. What makes most companies falter-leaving aside market forces, bad products, and incompetent management-is the lack of trust.”

Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith (Hardcover – Aug 24, 2009) “Trust agents use today’s web tools to spread their influence, faster, wider, and deeper than a typical company’s PR or marketing department might be capable of achieving, and with more interest in people, too. We need to become them and harness them…A Trust Agent builds networks almost reflexively by being helpful, by promoting the good work that others do, by sharing even their best stuff without hesitation, and by finding ways to deliver even more value on top of all that without asking for anything in return.”

Trust: The Secret Weapon of Effective Business Leaders by Kathy Bloomgarden (Hardcover – Feb 20, 2007).  Woodrow Wilson once said, “The business of America is business.” Bloomgarden’s book builds on that observation with another: “The business of CEOs is trust.” The challenge for CEOs is to have the vision to see today’s mirages of success as just that – not the enduring success that is earned by building a better future for employees, customers and stockholders.

The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything by Stephen M.R. Covey (Hardcover – October 17, 2006).  Trust is expressed by a paradigm that includes five waves of trust (self trust based on the principle of credibility, relationship trust based on the principle of proper behavior, organizational trust based on the principle of alignment, market trust based on the principle of reputation, and societal trust based on the principle of contribution).

Trust: The One Thing That Makes or Breaks a Leader by Les T. Csorba (Hardcover – Aug 1, 2004)  “In Leadership, trust is the decision that followers make to rely on a leader under a condition of risk.”


Profiles in Leadership Recipients Announced

Congratulations to Margaret D’ArrigoMartin (Class 24), Kash Gill (Class 26), Dale Hampton (Class 11) and Leslie Leavens-Crowe (Class 34).  We look forward to honoring them at the Profiles in Leadership Luncheon on Saturday, November 7th during the Annual Conference.

The Conference Schedule

The Annual Conference and 40th Anniversary Founders Celebration is just weeks away.  We are bringing in speakers and panels that can tell us a story about “Trust: Earn it. Build it. Keep it.”

Some of these speakers like Tiffany Moffatt of WalMart will speak from a platform where taking a risk to gain trust may seem easier when you are multi-billion dollar company but when you want to be the one who is setting the sustainability index . . .  Other speakers like Joe Barr from Capital Public Radio (the Sacramento affiliate to NPR) will have a perspective of trust from an organization that is a non-profit and yet has been a reliable media center – how do they stay that way when there are so many other places to get nanosecond information.  David Schmidt from the International Food Information Center is flying out from Washington DC just to talk to us on how to speak with a trustworthy voice – to make it even better, he is an alumni of the DC Exchange program.  And then Mayor Kevin Johnson who went from the basketball court to managing non-profits and for profit companies to becoming mayor of Sacramento – we are excited about the story he can share about gaining trust our communities.

In addition also invited is: First Lady Maria Shriver with her many facets of experience – media, community, politics, and family – trust is a key component to the many things she has been involved in; Chris Kelly from Facebook – talk about trust – millions of people around the world post random thoughts and trust that Facebook will keep their information safe; Xochitl Arellano, the Press Deputy for the Latino Caucus for the California State senate – we have invited her to speak about how trust is gain when introducing and speaking to a newer demographic; and lastly we have asked Lilliput Children Services to put a panel together of individuals who have and are currently participating in the Foster/Adoption program in the state of California – where a child is concerned – trust is everything and this panel will help us understand the skills & techniques used to make the foster and adoption process positive for our children.  We have also invited Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to celebrate our 40th anniversary with us.

There will also be:

  • “Walks Down Memory Lane” throughout the conference to reflect and reminisce about the past 39 classes climaxing to Class 1 at the Founders Celebration Dinner
  • Class Breakfast where you will meet Bob Gray our new CEO/President for the CALF as well as introductions of the Class Liaisons and Fellows Council members
  • Profiles in Leadership Luncheon where we will be honoring four of our alumni who have continued to grow as leaders
  • Founders Celebration on Saturday night includes:
    • Silent Auction & Wine Tasting Reception
    • Founders Western Style Dinner
    • Recognition of our 2009 Honorary Fellow – Frank Saviez
    • Introductions of many special people who have helped along our 40 years of existence!

Every registrant will also receive a commemorative 40th Anniversary Yearbook!

We hope that you will pass on the word about this fantastic event that this committee has worked so hard to put together!

Facebook used by Farmers – story in Fresno Bee

“Facebook draws a growing crop of farmers

Many in the ag industry are using Twitter and blogs to communicate, educate.”

Tiffany Moffatt talking about the trust needed for Walmart to . . .

. . . create a sustainability business model.  We are looking forward to her presentation on Friday, November 6th.  Below is her bio.

Tiffany Moffatt, Walmart Corporate Affairs Director, Western Region

Tiffany joined Walmart in 2007 as the corporate affairs director for Walmart’s western region, which includes California, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada. She manages regional public relations, media response and corporate initiatives for the company, such as the recent creation of the company’s regional green jobs councils that were launched in August, 2009. Tiffany also chairs Walmart’s State Foundation Giving Council, which addresses unmet needs through California.

Tiffany joined Walmart from Governor Schwarzenegger’s team where she served as a communications director managing the governor’s public events and media message. She also has extensive public relations experience as the spokesperson and communications director for the California Assembly Republican Caucus and a media director in the corporate public relations arena, representing clients such as the California Building Industry Association and California Milk Advisory Board, among others.

Tiffany graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Agricultural Education/Communication. She currently lives in Lodi, California with her husband John and daughter Abby.


I hope to have a schedule posted for you by tomorrow along with some more speakers!  Michele Clark from Class 37 is helping post information on this blog as well!  Thank you Michele!

You can go to to register or call the CALF office 916-928-2249 and they can send you a paper registration form too!  Hotel reservations can also be made from the link on the CALF website.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Conference!

Blogging on the range: Farmers link to consumers via social media

Read about farmers and ranchers linking to consumers via social media.  An interesting panel on social media will be presented during the Annual Conference on November 6 and 7, with speakers invited from National Public Radio, Facebook and Univision.  Join fellow alumni at the Conference.